Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Growth in criminal Jurisprudence and rights    M.Sc.    qolizadeh, mehdi    2010-03-21
2    criminal policy in Iran about Crimes without felony    M.Sc.    Mousavi, iman    2011-03-15
3    Reflect the patient\\\\    M.Sc.    REZAIE, ELHAM    2011-05-18
4    Iranian criminal policy of election crimes    M.Sc.    shahin, ehsan    2011-09-18
5    Review of Iranian criminal policy The confidentiality of commercial and economic    M.Sc.    ilbeigy zadeh, amin    2011-09-25
6    The analysis of the symbolic greatness of hodood and that Administrative barriers    M.Sc.    khosravi, abdol hamid    2012-12-11
7    Review of Legislative criminal policy against the crime of blasphemy    M.Sc.    POURSOLEIMANCHAFI, HADI    2013-02-09
8    Social basis of appearance the wide concept of MOHAREBE in Iranian criminal law    M.Sc.    tajik fayandari, abdulrahim    2013-02-12
9    studying the plurality of crime in Iranian criminal laws by looking at the new Islamic Penal Code    M.Sc.    AMIRTEYMOuRI, SOMAYEH    2013-06-11
10    Decisions criminal securance in the iranian law and its comparison with new bill    M.Sc.    movaghar, mohammadhaadi    2013-07-15
11    The challenges of using weapons act with a glance to jurisprudence    M.Sc.    nadehy, hmidreza    2013-08-28
12    nhgfdeassssssssssssssssssssss    M.Sc.    nedaee, reza    2013-12-19
13    The survey of Challenges in Iranian Criminal Justice Policy In Cyber Crimes Proceeding    M.Sc.    Tavakolian, Reza    2014-01-21
14    Criminal policy of I.R. of Iran about special crime of foreign affairs    M.Sc.    Farsian motlagh, Mahin    2014-01-30
15    Inovations of islamic punishment law about multiplicity of crime considering the precedent in 1392    M.Sc.    hosaeni, saedmahde    2014-05-05
16    The Iranian criminal policy abut Efsade fel arz    M.Sc.    kalamimoghadam, mehdi    2014-05-10
17    study of changes of the principales and challenges of physician criminal responsibility in iranian legal system    M.Sc.    Khaleghparast, Maryam    2014-05-15
18    an islamic jurisprudence and legalistic study of women status in iranin criminal law a glance to international document    M.Sc.    keshmiri, mahla    2014-05-15
19    The analyze of innovations of Islamic Penal code 90 on Juvenile    M.Sc.    Daei, Mahdi    2014-05-26
20    Thesis / dissertation: a reflection on the relationship between actors and agents of the police force of the Penal Code    M.Sc.    kazemi, aazam alsadat    2014-06-25
21    Innovations of Islamic Penal Code 1392 on attempt    M.Sc.    rahimi, toktam    2014-07-06
22    the position and the duties of prosecutor in the Code of Criminal Procedure Act 1392(2014)    M.Sc.    kazemi, seyed mohsen    2014-09-06
23    challenges of jurisprudential rules direct and indirect causation in iranian justice system with a glance at british justice system    M.Sc.    shayan monfared, mahdi    2014-10-28
24    A Comparative study of cousation between Afghanistan and Iran    M.Sc.    mansuri, Anargul    2014-11-11
25    Analysis of functions of Adoption in prevention of Minors delinquency and victimization    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Ayoubi, Seyed AbdolKarim    2015-03-11
26    Consideration on the status of unified precedential decisions in the criminal legal system of Islamic republic of Iran    M.Sc.    ghavami, elahe    2015-03-11
27    Interrogation challenges in prosecutors office (Case study: prosecutors office district 7 Mashhad)    M.Sc.    aalami, majid    2015-04-28
28    Criminal population control mechanisms from the perspective of the Islamic panel code    M.Sc.    mohagheghi, saman    2015-07-28
29    The assessment of criminal policy of Islamic republic of Iran about audiovisual crimes and Considaring Mashhad as a case study.    M.Sc.    davari, mohsen    2015-08-24
30    An Evaluation about Common Thoughts in Islamic Penal Code of 1392 and Penal Code of 1352.    M.Sc.    zekavati, mahmood    2016-02-16
31    Review Juridical and Legal Current procedures Forensics In Qualifying Causal relationship The medical Infractions    M.Sc.    Moshirahmadi, Alireza    2016-03-12
32    Sociological analysis of the murder punishment and its harmony whit iranian social change    M.Sc.    naghdi, zeynab    2016-03-12
33    Comparative study of temporary detention in the two legal systems of Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    Al - Hayani, Mohammed Hassan    2016-10-25
34    A Comparative study of fraud in Iran and Iraq criminal law    M.Sc.    AL-SAEDI, RAAD JABBAR IRIMESH    2016-11-13
35    Comparative investigation of lawful right in the Iran and Iraq's law    M.Sc.    AL-TURFI, KHAMEES TALIB ATIYAH    2016-12-13
36    Comparative study of accessory on the law of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Adwa, Ali Hussein Yousif    2016-12-13
37    Comparative study of Defendant's silence in the legal system of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    AL-INIZI, ODAY MOHAMMED CHALLOOB    2016-12-13
38    Defendant’s rights in Iran and Iraq criminal Justice system with a short Review of International Documents.    M.Sc.    al shukr, Ali Thamer Ali    2016-12-13
39    Investigation of factors which give rise to ending criminal case study of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    ALLAMI, HASANAIN    2016-12-13
40    Studying Terrorism in the Legal System of Iran and Iraq by Looking at International Documents    M.Sc.    Rashid, Suhair hameed rameed    2016-12-13
41    Investigating adaptive evidence as evidence in the Iran and Iraq's law    M.Sc.    abdolhmzeh, AMMAR    2016-12-13
42    A Comparative Study of Criminal Intent in the Penal Law of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Majhool, Majid abdulameer    2016-12-13
43    Comparative study of temporary detention in the two legal systems of Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    Sabr, Abed    2017-01-03
44    Comparative Exploration of the Political Crime in the Rights of Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    alkhafaji, ahmed jasim salman    2017-01-03
45    The status of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Defense of Human Rights of the Special Envoy to Iraq    M.Sc.    Al - Naser, Ali Hameed    2017-01-03
46    Crimes against humanity in international instruments with special attention to the situation in Iraq    M.Sc.    Al Ardawee, Ali    2017-02-05
47    The Iranian Penal policy on Extent Adultery    M.Sc.    bahrani, ali    2017-05-16
48    Significant of legitimacy of criminal evidence    M.Sc.    BALADEH, HANEEN    2017-05-16
49    Check innovations Shape and Substantive legislator On war crime of Desertion.    M.Sc.    abrari moghadam, majid    2017-10-15
50    A Comparative Study of Drug Crimes in Iraq and Iran Penal Systems    M.Sc.    Taher, Hussein Klilan    2017-10-16
51    Comparative study of criminal policy in Iran and Syria on Personal Data Protection with light on laws of UK    M.Sc.    ETAKI, ABDELGHANY    2017-10-16
52    A Study of report as a way of commencing a criminal action in Iraq with a short review of the Iranian law    M.Sc.    Al-Battatti, Hayder Falih Jabbar    2017-10-16
53    A comparative study of the crime of embezzlement in the legal system of Iran and Iraq.    M.Sc.    AL SAEDI, ANMAR HAITHAM NEAMAH    2017-12-10
54    a comparative study of the suspension of punishment in criminal laws of Iran and iraq    M.Sc.    AL-SALIM, MOHAMMED    2018-02-07
55    Accused rights in penal laws of Iran and Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Azizi, Abdul Aziz    2018-03-13
56    Comparative Study of Torture in Iran and Afghanistan Penal system    M.Sc.    Haqyar, Nooruddin    2018-03-13
57    Comparaive analysis of electoral crimes in the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Attaye, Abdul Hadi    2018-03-13
58    Comrative study of honor Killings in Iran and Afghanistan Penal System    M.Sc.    Hossaini, Sayed Abdul Salam    2018-03-13
59    Comparative study of criminal responsibility of children and adolescent in Afghanistan and Iran penal system.    M.Sc.    Ghawsi, Mohammad Atiq    2018-05-16